Testing Bovine Estrus Cycle Assay in Kenya

Non-profit group Diagnostics for All has developed a bovine estrus cycle assay for point of care testing in developing nations. Allowing farmers to quickly and accurately determine the ideal point in a cow’s cycle for artificial insemination, the new diagnostic test maximizes milk production and reduces the waiting time between pregnancies. Ultimately, farmers in rural areas can increase their agricultural productivity. 

In their recent trip to Eldoret, Kenya, Diagnostics for All used Detekt’s RDS-1500 PRO lateral flow system to objectively quantify test results in the field, reducing errors.

Detekt RDS-1500 PRO Reader for Bovine Estrus Test

RDS-1500 PRO lateral flow reader for test strips

For more about Diagnostics For All and their projects visit: http://www.dfa.org/projects/small-farmer-support.php 


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