Product Design Services

With a core focus in electronics, optical imaging, and embedded systems along with expertise in circuit design and fabrication, Detekt specializes in designing custom electronics instrumentation. Beyond this expertise, Detekt has extensive experience with industrial design, design for injection molding, and production. Depending on where you are in the product development process, we can offer a combination of services to take you from concept to full production. Whether you are looking for assistance with a specific aspect of your product design or require turnkey product development, Detekt can be the trusted partner you’re looking for to help you take your product to market.

CAD Design Services

More effectively demonstrate your design to your partners, potential investors, and customers with CAD designs and photorealistic renderings. We provide CAD designs and photorealistic renderings to more effectively demonstrate your design to your partners, potential investors, and customers.  

Prototyping Services

Detekt offers prototyping services to demonstrate a concept as a functional system. This iterative process allows a design to be evaluated, tested, and validated prior to going to production stages.

  • Industrial Design
  • Circuit Design and Fabrication
  • Materials Selection
  • Machining

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping in the form of 3D printed parts quickly demonstrates the feasibility and functionality of a design and can help identify project risks at early development stages.

- Proof of concept models in durable, flexible, opaque or transparent models.

- SLA (stereolithography) and FDM (fused deposition modeling) prints

- High resolution and low resolution prints available, depending on application

Manufacturing / Production

We offer design-for-manufacturing assistance and have helped clients reduce the number of parts or reduce part complexity to stay within budget and accelerate the process from pre-production to full-scale production.


Software Development

In addition to being a hardware design firm offering industrial design and electronics development, Detekt also offers custom software development for select projects. 


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