Desktop Lateral Flow Reader Reference Platform for High Volume Lateral Flow Applications

What Is the Detekt Desktop Lateral Flow Reader Reference Platform?

Detekt's Desktop Lateral Flow Reader Reference Platform is a business-to-business solution ideal for high volume lateral flow immunoassay applications in non-food and beverage testing arenas. The reference platform is a customizable desktop or benchtop lateral flow reader solution with integrated QR scanner, Wi-Fi, customizable user interface, and optics module that provides sensitive, quantitative test results.

What Industries Can I Use The Desktop Lateral Flow Reader Reference Platform In?

The platform can be utilized in a variety of industries, including environmental monitoring, research and development, clinical research, forensics, biothreat, drugs of abuse, veterinary health, and more.  

Will My Assay Format Be Compatible?

Depending on your assay format and its dimensions, the industrial design for the reference platform can be customized to accomodate your immunoassays and meet your branding goals. The reader platform offers our largest imaging region yet, ensuring a high degree of compatibility with even the largest cassette formats. Acceptable assay formats include non-fluorescent lateral flow test strips. Detekt always asks interested parties to send a sample of their immunoassay format for evaluation at the start of a project. At Detekt, our team collaborates closely with our partners to understand their market needs and product specifications prior to designing concepts that bring our partners' visions to life.

What Are the Key Benefits of the System for Assay Developers?

Detekt's partners are provided with a highly customizable platform that can be utilized each step of the way from assay development or R&D to quality control and ultimately point-of-care or in-the-field testing. For assay developers, the reader enables high-throughput testing that yields robust data to expedite the process from designing an assay to offering it for commercial or research use. Assay developers can provide end users with an array of lateral flow tests, all compatible with a single reader that provides a fully quantitative test result. Semi-quantitative or qualitative outputs can be accomodated also. Detekt offers custom injection molded housing form factors and color-matching to provide a fully-branded lateral flow reader solution.

The reader is ideal for high volume applications with high-throughput or large cassette formats. 


Detekt Raptor RenderDetekt's lateral flow reader reference platform was customized for a company repeatedly named to Forbes Magazine's list of the Best Small Companies in America. This partner holds an exclusive license for the Detekt desktop lateral flow reader platform in food and beverage testing.

Call us today to discuss your project requirements and see if the Desktop Lateral Flow Reader Reference Platform is the right fit for you.


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