Coming Soon- Universal Drugs of Abuse Reader

DOAbrochure07.15.19-01 DOAbrochure07.15.19-02The RDS-2500 can do more! read about it in our newest brochure. 

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Lady Bird Lake Algae Toxin Test




Thanks to our partner Abraxis for sending us samples of their algae toxin test kits. We were able to use these test strips to test Lady Bird Lake with our RDS-2500 reader and got a positive result in under 30 minutes. If you are interested in learning more about water quality testing and our instrumentation contact us at

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Keep your unit safe with our Rugged Sleeve and Storage Case

rugged case ad-01Introducing our new Rugged Sleeve for the RDS-2500 made from silicone for shock absorption from any potential drops. To transport the reader easier and safer, we now offer a storage case, made with hard waterproof plastic, lined with cushioning foam.

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Hand Held Printer!

printer announcement_printer announcement

Our new printer is compatible with the RDS-2500! It's a handheld battery-powered device that prints your test-strip results in the palm of your hand. Its small size lets it be super portable, and work wherever and whenever you need it!

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Happy New Year!

It's gonna be the best one yet

We've grown together in 2018 and we look forward to continued relationships with our network of partners and customers in 2019. For new projects or questions about Detekt's capabilities, as always, feel free to reach out to Our team is here to assist with product design, prototyping, software development, manufacturing, and more. For a list of our services, please visit


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Magnify your (Assay) Potential

Developing a new assay or converting a qualitative assay into a quantitative one? The RDS-2500 visually magnifies test line signal, making it visible on a large touchscreen while converting the signal into a quantitative value you can analyze and easily work with– all in just 5 seconds. Now you can take the guesswork out of your test results to expedite your assay development.

Once your quantitative data is acquired, it's up to you how to choose to display it. The output can be converted into values such as ppm (parts per million), ppt (parts per trillion), ng/ml, and more. At Detekt, we work closely with our partners to ensure that our RDS-2500 software is optimized to suit the needs of your assay. 



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Your Portable Laboratory

We have had many beautiful fall days this year in Austin, Texas, but have also experienced rainfall at a record high. Heavy rain can affect water quality, and portable systems like the RDS-2500 system are perfect for in-the-field testing to provide immediate results.

Performing lateral flow test analysis outdoors or off-site can be a challenge with traditional lateral flow reader equipment. With Detekt's RDS-2500 reader, you won't find yourself running into that challenge.

The instrument comes equipped with a battery and highly ergonomic form factor for comfort during testing. At just over 1 lb, the RDS-2500 can go anywhere you want to test, so you can consider it your personal portable laboratory.




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This Halloween, We Made Something Spooky

Detekt's suite of in-house 3D printers enables our team to create rapid prototypes and iterate product design ideas in just hours. This Halloween, we used our printers to make something a little spookier than usual by recreating Freddy Krueger's glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Untitled design

The glove is functional and ready for primetime! The design is made out of feather-light nylon resin and was painted and post-processed to appear worn, just like the original in the movie. 


Freddy is now ready to start testing using his RDS-2500!



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One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

Lateral Flow Cassettes

We recognize that different test requirements have varying cassette or cartridge needs. That's why Detekt works alongside our customers who develop and sell assays to provide guidance in prototyping and manufacturing housings suitable for their unique test and market application requirements.

The photo above demonstrates Detekt's suite of in-house 3D printed cassettes that can be used to dose lateral flow test strips and then analyze test results in the RDS-2500 reader. These cassette designs are optimized for a high degree of customization so that customers can quickly transition to using a reader with their test strip.

Regardless of test strip length or width, compatibility can be ensured with Detekt's custom development so your final testing solution suits your market's needs perfectly. If your business would benefit from customized cassettes or housings, reach out to the Detekt team to discuss your project requirements at


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“Beep!” for Error-Free Testing


When each individual test result matters, data entry accuracy is critical. During high-throughput testing, data entry mistakes that occur can throw off test results in a spreadsheet, costing you time.

That’s why we added a front-facing camera to our RDS-2500.

It scans barcodes in mere milliseconds so you can add pertinent test information with the sound of a beep.

Add users, lots, samples, and quantitative curvesets. Even enable different testing modes or unlock functionality.

Whatever data entry you want to automate during testing, the RDS-2500 with its standard built-in scanner will make sure you get it right every time.


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