Now available! Chameleon Mini Evaluation Kit

The Chameleon Mini Development Kit is a platform for inventors, assay developers, and manufacturers with existing rapid test kits composed of color changing test strip technology. Program enrollment is ideal for groups who intend to:

  • Develop and test colorimetric dry chemistry assays
  • Quantify their test strip signal for higher assay accuracy
  • Develop new test strip technologies for emerging applications
  • Develop an iOS app based upon the Chameleon Mini SDK

Key Benefits
The development kit can quickly be used to transform a test or assay from a subjective read to an
objective read. This means no more guessing what color the pad or strip is. 

The app provides a robust archive of test results that can be used for data analysis and tracking trends. 

The ultimate goal is to establish that the system is compatible with your test strip and to give you a complete software and hardware package to begin exploring potential applications for your assay.


Chameleon Mini, Portable rapid testing program

Click here to download a PDF with information on enrollment for the Development Kit Program.

Contact with questions.

May 2015 – Detekt Biomedical LLC






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