One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

Lateral Flow Cassettes

We recognize that different test requirements have varying cassette or cartridge needs. That's why Detekt works alongside our customers who develop and sell assays to provide guidance in prototyping and manufacturing housings suitable for their unique test and market application requirements.

The photo above demonstrates Detekt's suite of in-house 3D printed cassettes that can be used to dose lateral flow test strips and then analyze test results in the RDS-2500 reader. These cassette designs are optimized for a high degree of customization so that customers can quickly transition to using a reader with their test strip.

Regardless of test strip length or width, compatibility can be ensured with Detekt's custom development so your final testing solution suits your market's needs perfectly. If your business would benefit from customized cassettes or housings, reach out to the Detekt team to discuss your project requirements at


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