Reader Systems

Chameleon Mini

The platform is highly adaptable, making it ideal for a variety of testing applications including mobile healthcare monitoring, food safety quality assurance, veterinary diagnostics, forensic identification, environmental monitoring and more.

Customizable test routines make test analysis easy and seamless. 
Detekt's Chameleon Mini allows you to analyze a rapid test strip and instantly obtain quantitative test results in 5 seconds. 

  • Quantitative Results: Choose from a number of assay types including quantitative and semi quantitative
  • Test Routine Updates: Easily update test parameters by scanning a barcode to input a new test
  • Cloud Connected: Test results and critical related information are automatically synced to the cloud for remote testing and data monitoring
  • View Data Anytime, Anywhere: View all data in real-time via the cloud server and filter by test result, user name, type of test, and geographic location to track trends
  • Instant Notifications: If a test result is outside of the accepted range, notifications can be set up to alert the user. Alerts also remind the user when test strip inventory is running low
  • Integrated Store: Users can easily purchase test strips and accessories through the app

RDS-1500 PRO 

The RDS platform is designed for testing in the lab or in the field and is well-suited for both lateral flow and colorimetric assays. Featuring the ability to objectively analyze rapid test strips and to display and store the actual test image, the RDS provides reliable results with a high degree of traceability.

The portable system can easily be synced to a computer using Detekt's Data Manager software.

  • Design: Hand-held, portable, rugged design with color touchscreen interface
  • Speed: Objective test strip analysis in under 5 seconds
  • Traceability: Results display color image of test/control lines
  • Compatibility: Can be used with lateral flow and dry chemistry (colorimetric) assays
  • Barcoding: Features RapidScan™ barcode technology for error-free test-related data input
  • Software Updates: Remotely upgradeable software
  • Calibration: Automatic internal calibration at startup
  • Test Routines: Custom programmable test routines for multiple assays
  • Upgrades: Portable printer, rugged Pelican™ case, international adapters, fluorescence module for fluorescent assays